Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd 2009

Today, I learned how to put pictures in my posts instead of in the sidebar. I also learned how to edit my posts and correct errors - I made so many yesterday with blog addresses. As I said before I love learning something new!
Yesterday, I went for fish and chips with a friend, they were really gross, very greasy but I did enjoy visiting with my friend and the weather was beautiful so all in all it was a nice day. I took pictuAdd Imageres of a condo comlex beside the seawall with the waterlillies blooming - an oasis in the city.
Okay, so now how do I remove the duplicate??? Ha! Ha! The learning curve goes on! Thanks Mel for telling me how - it's gone.


  1. The water lilies are absolutely beautiful.
    Would I ever love to be able to paint/create these!
    Take care.

  2. I also like learning how to do new things on the blog - as long as I don't let it become too much of a time sink! I enjoyed visiting the blogs you listed here. Have a great weekend!

  3. Brilliant!! What gorgeous lilies....

    You click on the picture you want to delete so that it is "highlighted" and then hit the *delete* key....;)

    Oh, and thanks heaps for the watermelons! I accept!!

    Yipppee for your new-found blog-wisdom...I've been doing this a while and I still learn stuff...very cool!!


  4. Every city has little green oasis's but quite a few of them are private. Someone whose blog I read recently wrote about going to visit some private London gardens on a special open day. I had no idea there were so many. I knew that many of the posh squares have little gardens in the middle that are only open to residents but I had no idea how many there were. The National Geographic also did an article on green roofs and it seems that gardens are spreading across the roofs in many cities... lovely!

    I understand your feelings about the echoes. I am sorry the experience has been negative for you and hope you have many more positive experiences to out weigh the negative. I have moved a round a bit and the good thing about that was leaving the echoes behind and being able to recreate myself, often changing my name (having a long birth name is handy when you want to change what people call you). Only thing is facebook - it brings many of the echoes back together in one place and for me, it can sometimes be a slightly edgy sort of a place. It goes from older relative who is heavily into folk music and plays the accordian and is very intellectual to someone who developed a crack addiction (after I left the city) and ended up in a mental institution (this person was someone I lived with in a house share at one point and when they split with their partner, they tried to kill themselves and I had the joy of being the only one in the house...)

    Echoes are an odd thing...

  5. Love the waterlilly photos and congratulations on learning something new! You're such an inspiration ! ;)

  6. Love the lilies in full bloom.
    Has been a while since I have visited, you are truly amazing, your energy in creating so many beautiful works of art is inspiring!