Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where does the time go????

I didn't post the finish of my July calendar and now it is the end of August, so here it is. I really enjoyed this challenge and may do something similar again:
I decided to do Zentangles for August and, as you can see, Ihaven't done too well. I am way behind. I will catch up slowly:

I don't know what I will do for September, I guess I had better make up my mind seeing as that is tomorrow.

I was on a bracelet making kick for a couple of weeks and ended up making 18 bracelets to go with my new clothes:

I have had to buy new clothes because I have lost 30 pounds. I have 9 to go and then I will re-evaluate to see if I want to lose more. I feel much better, it makes such a difference to my mobility.

Today I cut fabric to make some small purses but couldn't do anything more as I need to buy some interfacing to give them some body. I will do that tomorrow.

I will try to keep up with my blog now and maybe join a couple of small challenges to get some more people dropping by.