Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th 2009

I had a very busy and productive day today. I picked some hydrangea blossoms and put in them in some books for pressing. Took some photos of them and some lillies that one of the men in our apartment building grows and cross-pollinates. I started writing the newsletter for the apartment and made some posters. I got up at just after seven this morning and what a difference it makes to the day. I actually woke up at 5:30 and tried to go back to sleep but no luck. In a way I am glad that I didn't because I had such a good day.


  1. What beautiful flowers! I know you are right in the comment you left me. I do think these feelings need articulating though, even when the answer is common sense. We just need to hear it... I have already signed up for The Artist's Way book group - did it last thing last night!

  2. *laugh* you can chat as much as you like on my blog hun! I shall add those two books to my amazon wish list - sooo many books so little time but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I have no idea which couple I have mentioned that you have been thinking about - I have a memory like a sieve sometimes. These things do change us and all the problems happen when we try to pretend nothing has changed. I could make a few comments about prozac - emotional cotton wool. I know people who will be on it for the rest of their lives because they are never going to be able to deal with the things they are using it to stuff down.... *sigh* I tried it for a month and hated the way I felt like an observer in my own body - detached and distant - never again! Antidepressants are soooo not me - thinking to much is not the same as depression.

  3. *sigh* repression is never a good thing - unless it is the healthy sort that allows you to survive and cope until you are able to deal... In some ways I think having a nervous breakdown at 21 saved me years of repressing. Facing those hard things is never, ever easy...

    I remember saying about that person now. I might tell that story on my blog one day...

  4. What beautiful flowers and glad that you are feeling a bit more energetic!

    Just want to let you know that your last few posts have resonated deeply with my current struggle / frustration. I'm still processing them and planning to write a post about them. So don't think that you're not heard. It's just I need to sort out what I'm going through before responding to fellow creatives & bloggers accordingly! ;)

  5. Pressed for time...just wanted to leave you this...


    That's the group that Rose and I are doing TAW on...join us? ;)


  6. Loved your photos. I love lilies.
    I saw Rose's note about TAW and I have just joined. I have never done this book - so am looking forward to it.
    Take care.

  7. Oh Leone, i don't know what to say to all that. I am so glad I am not the one being targeted. I am so sorry that you have been. Yes we are definitely the sum of our experiences but thank Goddess that is not all we are, for some that would be too sad...

  8. Glad you had a good day getting things done that you find meaningful. Hope you enjoy doing the book group (it will be much more than that) with TAW. Wish I felt I had time! I've read it and done some of the exercises, but it doesn't feel like the right time to plunge in for me. Keep creating!