Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd 2009

I have been thinking about who to send the awards on to and have finally decided. First of all, the One Lovely Blog Award has some guidlelines:

1. Post picture link back to person who honoured you. Sorry, I don't know how to do this but it was Mel at

2. Pass on the honour to deserving persons whose blogs you have just discovered.

3. Leave a note informing aforementioned recipients of your bloggy award.

For this award I have chosen:

These blogs are beautiful and colourful and I love aquamaureen twirling in her orange dress.

For the Watermelon #10 Award I have chosen:

l. Mel for her three blogs
because she is such a great Mom and is so creative, funny and supportive and has attitude.

2. Rose for her two blogs
because she is so insightful, thoughtful and creative.

3. HybridJ for her blog
because she works so diligently at her writing, took time off when she needed to and is now back in the swing of it and is willing to do less blogging and more writing because that is what works for her.

4. Rowena for her blog
because she started the 100 in 100 challenge to create every day for 100 days and even though I haven't kept up, I have created more in the past month than I ever have in that period of time before.

So thank you to Mel and MaryEllen for giving me the awards and I pass them on with best wishes for happy creating and joyful living.


  1. Thank you sooo much Leone to bestow the Watermelon #10 award to me. I felt so honoured and excited that my diligence in my writing had earned me my very first writing award. Yippppeeee!!! :)

    Pls let me know if there's any rules of this award that I needed to follow or if you have the link of this award that could help me to prepare a post in my blog.

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  2. And thank you! You are a star!