Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20 2009

This is a journal page that I did today realting to the Artist's Way. It's about recovering a sense of safety and taking care of my inner child artist. The picture is of me when I was about three years old. I am holding two kittens. Innocence and probably still living in the flow. It's also about getting in touch with that child and learning to play. I was fussing around and getting tense about what to do next and then stopped and thought, "this is about playing!" So I approached it from a sense of play and finished it within a few minutes. There are tags on the side that spell out PLAY. The word covered by the ribbon is protect. The other words are: Take A Chance, Celebrate Life, Dream, Live, Inspire, Seize The Day and Imagine.

I want to write about my creative monster but I am tired so I will do it tomorrow. I woke up at 4:20 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so it's been a long day.


  1. Just fabaulous! And I love all your words in this page. They are all grounding words for being a creative. Oh, and that pix of you, just adorable! A black and white kittens, wonder if there's a "sign" there! Well Done!

    Now I'm seriously thinking maybe I could start doing a bit of art journal myself .... ;)

  2. Gorgeous page!! And so very inspiring...

    Interesting how you stopped yourself from fussing -- it's like the *deal* JC suggests we make with Spirit -- "I will take care of the quantity and allow Spirit to take care of the quality" ...and when we do that...well the proof is right there posted above!!

    What a great lesson for me...thank you!!

    ~much love~

  3. This is a lovely journal page. And it fits so well with the Atrist's Way. Lovely pix of you as well.
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I absolutely loved the poem. I don't think I could have read it last year butnow I am ready for it. So we are both orphans! I lost my dad at 20. Thanks so much for your support.
    Glad you are in the A'sW as well.
    Take care.