Saturday, July 18, 2009


July 18th 2009
I spent the better part of the day going to pick up a love seat from my daughter. She has no room for it so I have acquired it. I t has a chaise lounge as well and is very nice, just the right size for my small place. I bought a sofa from Ikea just before Christmas and had to return because the smell from the polyeurethane foam was so strong I couldn't stand it. I have been nervous about buying another one so a used one suits me just fine.
Thank you Bev, Mary Ellen, Hybrid J, Rose and Mel for reassuring me that what I say on my blog isn't depressing. Why is it so hard for me to believe what you say? Because I have spent so many years of my life not having a voice and not being heard that it is hard to believe that I'm not just being a pain. So, thank you, I believe you!
I have started so many projects now that I am getting confused and don't know which one to do, so I am making a list and am going to do them one by one. It is so satisfying to finish a project.
I have signed up for the Artist's Way book club but have heard nothing. I tried to get into the site but a window comes up saying I have to be approved before I am allowed in. It has been a few days now and I have heard nothing, so I don't know what is happening. Just have to wait and see.


  1. Beautiful photos Leone.
    I t will be good to have you doing the Artist's Way as well. I have never gotten past Chap. 1!
    Have a good weekend. Enjoy your new furniture as well!

  2. Oooh! Can't wait for you to start! Loving the piccies too....

  3. So glad you're joining in!! I wondered....

    What lovely flowers!!