Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I haven't been posting because I have been feeling kind of down and haven't done much creating. Not sure what is going on, too much sad stuff around me I think. To top everything off someone stole my camera out of my bag last week. I am usually so careful and I got a bit careless the past couple of weeks and put my bag down when I was trying on glasses and getting coffee. The worst part is that about a years photos are gone because I hadn't downloaded them. I have the Vista program and when I go to download my photos it downloads all of them every time instead of just the new ones. I figured out I could e-mail them to myself and then copy to gallery so I only did the ones I wanted at the time for a project or to give to someone, hence, the fact that many of them weren't downloaded and are lost. I don't even remember which ones are gone. So, a good lesson - don't ever put your bag down anywhere, keep it in your hands at all times!!

On the weekend, I went to see Letters To Juliet - a good chick flick very fluffy, light-hearted and beautiful scenery of Italy- and Mao's Last Dance - a very good movie, a true story about a ballet dance who went to America from Mao's China. My daughter also got me a copy of The Secret of Kells. It is a cute cartoon movie about the making of the Book of Kells. Visually very artistic.

I found two new stores today, one a fabric store where they rent machines and will be having classes and meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild, at the other store they have painting classes. Mixed media and glazing and encaustic so I may take some classes, I really like the instructors style.

That's about it for today. Be back soon! I do visit you all every day even though I am not posting.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I saw this little dog last night when I was out for a walk. He is the epitomy of JOY. He ran around a fast as his little legs would carry him and then lay down on his back and squirmed about then jumped up and off he went again. He ran up to other dogs and sniffed and off he went again. He was just adorable, had dreadlocks and made me laugh. What joy our little furry friends bring.

If you can enlarge this you can see the grin of pleasure on his little face. He is a Maltese terrier. I didn't think to ask what his name was.

I got started on a couple of ATC's last night for a 'flower' exchange I'm doing with a blog friend.

I will be starting the newsletter for the building I live in for June at the end of the week. I always enjoy putting that together. I take photos for it as well so it is a project that incorporates a few skills.

I went to visit a neighbour in the hospital today. He had cataract surgery a month ago and has gone completely blind. He had cataract surgery on the other eye five years ago and lost his sight in that eye after the surgery. I feel so bad for him, having to adjust to blindness at the age of eighty. He is a very independent active man but also determined so he will, hopefully, do okay adjusting.

Getting close to finishing my latest purse so will post it when I am done.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A week ago yesterday we had to put our sweet little Jasmine to sleep. She had suffered with kidney disease for the past sixteen months and it progressed rapidly in the past two weeks. It's so hard to make that decision. Very, very sad. She was my daughter's cat but I have been caring for her the past fifteen months so I had become very attached to her. I hope she is in kitty heaven smelling flowers and chasing butterflies with her sister Kai who was put to sleep four years ago because of cancer:
I had a very nice mother's day. We (my two daughters and I) went to Lonsdale Quay for fish and chips and the to Dunderave where we sat and listen to the waves and enjoyed the beautiful, warm, sunny day. This is what I said I wanted to do.

I finished three more tags. So that is all I will make for now. On to something new!!

This one is natural light and has that peachy tone:

This one is with the flash and closer to the real colour:

That's all for today!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here I am again. I have no excuse for not posting. Just haven't done it!!

It seems like everyone is making tags so I thought I would make some. The colours are a bit distorted because I photograped them in the late afternoon and the light changes to this peachy colour, maybe I will retake the photos tomorrow.

I had fun doing these and find that I just naturally gravitate to collaging.
I am also working on another purse.
Yesterday I was sitting at my desk all afternoon engrossed in making the tags and if I had bothered to look up and out my sliding glass door, I would have noticed all the activity going on in the Creek. The coast guard was out following a gray whale keeping it safe. The whale swam to the end of the Creek near Science World and then swam back out to English Bay. I am so upset that I missed it. It is very rare for a whale to come up this far. About five years a go there was a dolphin in this area. On the news preview they just said there are some dolphins around here, I'll have to watch at eleven to find out where they are.
Must go now to watch The Mentalist.