Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9th 2009

After reading Mel's (Creative Clutter) blog about dark art, I photographed some of my dark art. It is such an important part of the journey. There is vulnerability in showing our pain and the darkest parts of ourselves. We live in a society that scorns emotion and it can be very difficult to swallow all the pain and keep it to ourselves.


  1. Thanks for your positive words Leone when you "dropped" by.

    Your Dark Art expresses such emotion. You are right about it being necessary for the journey.
    I have never done one of these. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I jusr tealized - you must be from BC. We were there last summer for 2 weeks. Loved it!
    Mel and I are from Ontario!
    Wishing you a Happy Victoria Day in advance!!

  3. OH Leone!! Thank you SO much for showing us this beautiful work...and it IS SO beautiful...our Shadows are still very much part of us and *knowing* them is, I believe, the first step on the journey. Without having done that, we are just walking in circles....

    ~much love~