Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th 2009

I spent the afternoon painting the first coat on eight 8X8 canvasses and two 4X6 canvas boards. I really enjoyed it and look forward to taking the next steps. While I was going through my canvasses, I came across two that I had done before and put away because I decided they were no good. Now they look like they can be turned into something. They are a good base to work from. I have a really neat book called Poesie that looks like an autograph book that belonged to my Aunty Ann. It is dated 1918 and is written in dutch, there is a neighbour living in this building that is dutch and she said she would translate it for me. It also has little pictures in it. I am going to try to incorprate some of it into my pictures.

It felt really great to be doing art today instead of reading about it and day-dreaming about it. My blog has really made a change in my life, THANK YOU TO MY VISITORS FOR YOUR KIND COMMENTS.

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  1. .....just happy to be witness to your journey...I think we all need a paint-splattered hand to help us along sometimes...