Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24th 2009

I posted a lot of pictures, I know, but there are so many beautiful flowers around right now, it's hard to resist showing them all.


  1. Hi, Leone! Thought I'd visit your place. I just bought a new point-and-shoot camera which makes it much more likely that I'll be posting more photos as time goes on. It's hard not to when everything around is so luscious.

  2. I just love ducks, or are these geese? They are adorable.
    I too feel that blogging has helped me be more creative even if at the moment I haven't done much on the creative side.Also I think spring season brings about a feeling of creative energy. We are in Autumn in Australia, kind of makes you feel like staying indoors.

  3. Hi Mary Ellen, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your new aim and shoot. Mine is an aim and shoot as well - Panasonic Lumis and I love it. I carry it with me everywhere now and find it makes me look at the world differently. It occurred to me one day that my photographs show how I see the world. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  4. There is so much beauty at this time of year. You captured some great shots of the goslings and the flowers. I love to get the camera out - so much to capture. Haven't done as much collage or art but that's ok. Hopefully I'll use some of these photos for art.
    Take care.