Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23rd 2009

I have signed up for Wreck This Journal and have found one a Chapters, so look forward to starting it. I picked it up at HMV the other day and thought it looked like fun. I have dug out some sewing that I started a long time ago and have done a little on that, I have being doing more creating since I started my blog than I have done for a long time. Love it. Love it.


  1. Hi Leone - thanks for stopping by!
    I know what you mean tho about creating - I have done more in the past couple of months than I have done in over a year. I think it is the accountability of knowing others are counting on you to blog and have something to share.
    I have a long way to go on this crative road but I am enjoying the journey.

  2. Hi Leone,

    Thanks for your very insightful comment on my Charity post....I'm really trying to be the person that gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and be entirely non-judgmental. Wish I could say it comes naturally, but, alas my vivid imagination, my own self-esteem issues and my fiercely protective nature often get in the way of that lofty goal! :) But I'm workin' on it...

    Its funny how being part of this bloggy-arty community motivates us to Beverley says - part of it is accountability but I think the other part is the community aspect...we find such support and encouragement and genuine *feeling* here....

    ~much love~

  3. PS I look forward to your Wreck This Journal venture...I waffled on the idea myself, but I've got rather a lot on my plate at the moment and decided to wait......

  4. Wow, well done again Leone! I have also signed up Wreck This Journal when Jamie Ridler first put up the notice on April?? Glad you have joined. Looking forward to see all participants' works.

    I'm a little bit nervous here as I've never done any art journal before and I'm not good at craft work. Afterall, my art form is words on paper. But what the (excuse my language ...) I'll give it a try!! :)

  5. oooohhhh. I have heard of this book and toyed with the idea of getting it... I love the idea of this... Do I have time to do it? *sigh* if i don't do it will I feel like I am missing out on something I would have enjoyed for the next however long?