Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11th 2009

I was not creative at all today, just a bit down. So I will share a couple of pictures of the view from my patio, this never fails to cheer me up. The sunsets are so beautiful some days. There is also quite a bit of wildlife here, in the middle of the city. Otters, raccoons, skunks, blue herons, eagles, seals and the usual seagulls, crows, sparrow and chicadees. It's amazing that we still have wildlife amidst the concrete and glass.


  1. Gorgeous photos....we can always count on Nature to do the creativity bit for us when we're not up to it ourselves....

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful Leone!
    The light on your sunsets and the colors are so lovely!
    Thanks for visiting me on my blog and your kind comment!

  3. Hello Leone,
    I must say your photoes are amazing and to hear of all the wildlife around your area would be so wonderful to see.
    Wanted to say thanks for posting a comment on my new blog, hope to share some art and thoughts on creativity even when it doesn't flow or feel right, boy do I know that feeling!
    Thanks again Angie.