Tuesday, September 1, 2009


George Bernard Shaw
I am really feeling like this quote is true for me at the moment. I have been in a strange sort of mood for the past week and haven't felt like blogging although I have visited everyone every day. I feel in a very quiet reflective mood. I am still wanting to crazy quilt and have ordered several books and some silk ribbon and silk floss. I have also bought some paint to try out for the right colour to paint my apartment. I still want to create the Victorian atmosphere in my apartment and am reflecting on that and may do a story board for it. I just wish I had more energy, I find it takes me longer to get going in the morning than it did when I was fifty. I seem to move in slow motion and then get tired more quickly than I used to as well.
I spent two days writing the newsletter for the building and then had to go out to Coquitlam to pick it up from my daughter. I also sold some of my photos and photo cards so I have been printng those and getting some printed that I couldn't do at home. I love doing them at home, I have an HP Photosmart, a cute little machine that makes amazing prints. It's one of my favourite toys (along with my camera).
The weather continues to be amazing. Only a few drops of rain since May. So unusual for Vancouver.
I have quite a few ideas floating around in my head so am just waiting for the moment when I am ready to start working on them.
I have been working on The Artist's Way and The Joy Diet. I have also just finished reading a book called A Summer Of Secrets by Martina Reilly. It is a novel but the woman in it is in a plane crash and goes through treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a very good book, a few laughs and good story with some very good info on PTSD.
I have also started a new eating plan put together by my daughter who is a personal trainer and is certified in nutrition so here's hoping!!!
Time to get to bed with the hopes of getting up early tomorrow and not waking up at 5 am and then wanting to back to sleep after I've read a little.


  1. beautiful pictures! Sounds like you have been pretty busy! XXX

  2. Love your photos! Congrats on selling some as well!
    I have been feeling a bit off this past week as well. Little enthusiasm for bloggging.
    But we were waiting for my husband's biopsy reports yesterday - good news - no cancer.
    And I start back to school today - just 2 PA days tho - no kids til next week.
    Take care of yourself.

  3. The bird in the tree is AWESOME! How cool that you are selling your photos! Do you know about Etsy? My mom just bought some photos there, and she got the nice note from the seller saying she was their first customer. Could be a good sales venue for you.

  4. It's wonderful to see you back again. Don't worry too much about being quiet. We all need that down time to recharge.

    Autumn is also my favourite season. :)

    Re: Your questions about Zentangles

    I bought the kit becasue I'm not from any drawing background, hence I prefere to learn "formally" of the Zentangles from the original creators before I work on my own.

    I reckon with your fantastic drawing skill. You don't really need the kit. The instruction booklet does have a dozen or more "patterns" to copy. But you could subscribe the newsletter from the Zentangle site and get new patterns from Rick and Maria, the creators of Zentangle. Subscription is free. All you need is an email address.

    Also you could download from their newsletter archive for previously issued patterns. (That's what I kept in my patterns file.)

    The kit also comes with the artist paper (die-cut to approx. 3" square) and 2 x Sakura Macro Pigma Pen 0.1 BLACK.

    Since I'm in Australia, and like you, anything I order from overseas are expensive. I was able to find some medium weight watercolor paper which matches the quality of the original Zentangle "tile" (that's what Rick and Maria call the paper). I just cut it to the exact size of the tile. But the size of the drawing is really up to each artists. Some people go for A4 size Zentangle drawing.

    As of the Sakura pen, it's a kind of felt tip sketch pen. I tried out some other brand but prefer to the recommended Sakura pen. And I could get them in our local art shop. So I presume you could get it from where you are.

    The gist of this is: If you could spare the money, no harm to order the kit. If not, develop your own and subscribe Zentangle newsletter to get the patterns.

    Hope this help! :)

  5. Hello Leone,
    Looks like you have been busy with so many things, love your photoes, what camera do you use for your shots? Very good pictures, such bright colours and great lighting!
    Sorry for the long absence from blogland but family have been ill and has taken its toll, am feeling a little more energy today but still very little art has been made, I call it micro art! Hopefully this week things will settle and I can concentrate on my art a little.
    Have noticed that you have awarded me with the "Me Me" award and I thank you for you thinking of me, even in my absence. Will collect it soon, once I get myself organised! It feels nice to connect again....Angie ox

  6. Nice to hear from you Angie. I check your blog every day to see if you have returned. I'm sorry you have had illness in your family and hope everything will soon be back to normal. You made such a great start in your last post, look forward to seeing where you go next. Did you get your sewing lesson from your Mom?

    My camera is a Panasonic DMZ-LZ7, it has a 6X optical zoom which is quite good. I am looking at a Panasonic with an 18X optical zoom that my daughter is selling but it is bigger and heavier so I don't know if I will go for it.