Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A whole week since I last posted, I have been busy but nothing every exciting to write about. All my books and my silk ribbon and floss have arrived. I spent several hours today ironing and carding the ribbon. It's sold at a very good price but you have to do the finishing yourself which is fine.

I have been gathering material for the next newsletter.

Saturday I went to the re-opening of RubyDogs Art House, Leanne closed last fall and has moved to a new location. She sells all things collage at really good prices and she is such an upbeat fun person it is a treat to go to her store. I hope she does well. She really does have a dog (a golden lab) named Ruby who greets you when you go in the store and nudges you to scratch her back. She is such a sweety.
My neighbour/friend fell outside the hospital yesterday when she was going to visit someone and landed on her face and had to have 14 stitches on her right eyebrow. She has a shiner and her eye is almost shut. She asked me to take a picture for her in case she has any problems. She had to wait four hours in emergency to get the stitches - our medical system is pretty scarey.
We continue to have beautiful, warm sunny weather, it's such a treat.
That's about the extent of my exciting life.


  1. Playing with ribbon sounds nice, kind of fun... Hope your friend gets better soon - must be sore...

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with all that ribbon!
    Your friend is lucky to have to care for her.
    Take care!

  3. Hello Leone,
    I found a comment on my blog saying you had left a message for me,sorry I can't find it. But I am just so happy to have found that message on my blog, even after not writing for 4 weeks you wrote to me, you are an angel.
    It really made me feel cared for... I have had kind of a rough couple of weeks, just not been anle to snap out of my low moods, but am feeling much better now. I have started a new art class with a very inspiring lady, and am going to get involved with a few creative things to get my 'mojo' going, I feel I often sit back too much and don't take risks, so I am trying to step up and hopefully positive things will start happening. Thanks again Leone, just for being there.