Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I spent the day walking today. I left home at 9am and walked down to Granville Island.

On the way, I photographed some flowers.

I went to Opus Art Supplies and bought some watercolour pencils.

Then to the public market where all manner of foods and some arts and crafts can be purchased.

Then out to West 4th Avenue to Banyen Books looking for The Joy Diet. This is a fabulous book store for all types of spiritual and self-help books. Wonderful amosphere where you can sit and read for as long as you wish. Saw this funky car as I was leaving. Very creative.

More flowers outside the bookstore.

Then over to Yale Town to wander around one of my favourite stores - The Cross. Not much in here that I can afford but it is delicious and feeds my soul.

This is some street art that is done every year. So far there has been Spirit Bears and Orca Whales. This year it is eagles. They are auctioned off eventually and the proceeds go to charity.

These blue and yellow ones were taken another day downtown on Georgia Street.
And finally, home on my favourite transportation, the Aquabus.
This is about finding abundance amongst the concrete and glass and seeing the positive in the city.
I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour of Vancouver.


  1. Thanks! You took me back to last summer when we spent 2 weeks in Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I loved Granville Island! Could have stayed all day but my cousin had a diferent agenda for us1
    I know I will go to Vanc. again - maybe as early s next summer!
    Beautiful shots! Love the eagles. Were the orcas last year? I think I remember seeing some.
    Take care, sounds like you had a lovely day!
    (Found another site that is doing The Artist's Way - gives a different perspective

  2. GORGEOUS colors, great pictures. I really must visit Vancouver! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Bev and Mary Ellen. I checked out that address Bev but there must be a mistake somewhere because it didn't go through. Could you just check it out. Thanks.

  4. What a great beautiful journey you have taken us with you! I'm thoroughly enjoying all of them. My favourite are the eagles. They are magnificent creatures! Thank you for sharing with us your abundance. :)

  5. I love Vancouver! I love BROADWAY St. with all of the fabulous ethnic restaurants--have never seen so many packed together, and all great. The Indian one was my fave...ummm.

    Nice photos!