Friday, September 4, 2009

This is a journal page I did yesterday. It didn't scan very well. The background is done in watercolours so it's very soft. The words are from The Atist's Way and struck me as a something I need to remember. Just one small action each day will get me where I want to go. I have been painting the past three days but this is the only one I have finished. I have been lost in painting the whole afternoon and sometimes the evening. I love that feeling when nothing else matters except what you are doing. Focus and being in the now. This past week, The Artist's Way has been about Recovering A Sense Of Strength and that has been very important to me because I have felt so powerless for so much of my life and especially the past fifteen years. I really believe that I am recovering a sense of my own strength and creating a new life for myself at last.

I am enjoying working with watercolours and am finding them a little easier to work with than I remember. I love the way they are so delicate and the way they flow together.

I forgot to mention that the tree in my last post was beside the building I live in and a man who owns a lot of property around here, including the apartment building behind us, decided it needed to be cut down because it blocked some people's view. Everyone was extremely upset and the story goes that he was fined by the city for cutting it down but who know if that is true. I am so happy that I got some picture of it just before it was cut down. Very sad, when there are so few trees around here.


  1. I hope he was fined!

    I love your picture and the words are so true. I think you are far stronger than you believe! I know you will get where you want to go, when you want to get there...

  2. that turned out beautifully, nice soft colors. Gorgeous!!!

  3. "One Small Daily Action" - so true and that's also something that I'm working on for my story writing. I'm sure you're a very strong woman, all the time. ;)

    Sorry it took this long to get back to you re: zentangles.

    Paper - Rick & Maria said their choosen paper is good for painting, wood carving (!?)(I don't quite understand what they mean by that.) Very smooth to touch, not too thin or thick.

    The paper I bought locally is 210gsm acid free paper. Medium weight drawing paper suitable for sketching with watercolor, pencil, ink & crayon. It is smooth to touch as well.

    The Lines - Rick and Maria called them "String". That is a "shape" drawn in pencil as a foundation of the "tangles" (i.e. patterns). Think of it as a container for the patterns but it does not mean that you can't cross the lines! :) It's all up to the artist.

    Hope this helps and don't feel hesitate to ask more about it. I don't mind sharing.