Thursday, September 24, 2009

ordered chaos
all jostling talking driving
with destinations

I had a busy day today. Typed 1706 words on my story, just finished now at 11:40 pm. My art journal and haiku for today are above. Had to go to the Dr., my thyroid was hypo but is now hyper so need medication adjustments. I've been on the same medication for years and no problem so don't know what is going on now. I feel better since I cut the meds back, way more energy which is opposite to what it is supposed to be. I guess it will work itself out eventually, perhaps my thyroid gland is working on it's own now. That chakra is about communication and having a voice so maybe it is significant.

Also went to a tenants meeting that I suggested we have because our elevator is going to be out of commission for one to two months and that will have major repercussions for many of the people living here. Many can't get up and down the stairs and many have to go for cancer treatments and other treatments besides wanting to go out for socializing. We had the winter from hell last year while they were doing major work on the plumbing and we had a couple of feet of snow so people couldn't go out to get away from it all. Landlords and property managers are not the most considerate people on the planet.

Good night all. Sweet dreams.


  1. You definitely have a voice now and it is a lovely one to! No landlords are often inconsiderate...

  2. I think that's amazing about your thyroid..I'd say that unblocking that chakra has done wonders...

  3. Love your haiku and journal page!
    Good that you are getting your thyroid seen too!
    Take care.