Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gentle autumn light
soft mellow lengthening shadows
earth settling to sleep

The beautiful sunny weather is tempered by a nice cool breeze, soon the leaves will be changing and we will be surrounded by the beautiful earthy colours that I love so much, browns, yellows, oranges and reds. The shadows are lengthening and the air is mellow and soft transforming from the harsh, bright light of summer. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

Today, I went to a book launch. The book is called Mythogyny, the lives and times of women elders in B.C. It is a collection of excerpts from stories told by women abou the lives. I am one of the women in the book, which is pretty exciting. I am published. Actually, it's only about one page in total. We told out stories to someone, they were taped and then transcribed. It was quite a project and I am happy to be a part of it.
I got a letter from my cousin today, she lives on Quadra Island and I haven't talked to her for a year. She is one of the people in my extended family that I can relate to the best, so I phoned her and we had a nice long chat.
Yesterday, I went for a walk and saw two women walking their cats. They were a leopard cat and an ocelot cat. The leopard cat was only two generations from a leopard. The really were very beautiful.



I also gessoed and painted many pages in my art journal in preparation for the latest 100 day challenge that I found out about on Bev's blog. Starting tomorrow there is 100 days left in the year so I am going to attempt 100 haiku's and thought I would write them in my art journal. My goal is to write 100 but even if I don't accomplish that I will have done a lot more than I would have without the challenge.
Hybrid J is doing the NaNo challenge, 50,000 words written in one month so I am going to attempt that as well (unoficially). I started writing a book about fifteen years ago. I wrote one chapter and that was it so I will continue with that. Again, if I don't do 50,000 words I will have written more that I would without the challenge.
My crazy quilt is coming along slowly but surely. Tomorrow, I am staying home so I will get more done.


  1. Wow - you are published! That is great. Anyway of reading what you wrote?
    I like your attituted - to attempt the challenge - and what evere you do, that is more than you would have!
    Day 1 - trying to eat healthy and get more fitness in - still have the last to do!
    There is a racetrack in Vancouver - Hastings. We were there last year when we visited Vancouver. It is a nice little track.
    Take care. (Thanks for stopping by)

  2. Your story is published, wooohoooo, hip hip hurray! How wonderful! I'm so happy for you.

    You're such an inspiration to take up various challenges (even the NaNo, unofficially). You have my utmost respect and support in your creative ventures.

    With your participation in NaNo (unofficially), you are giving me another reason to win it. I'm gonna win it for my blogging tribal leader, Leone! :)

  3. That sounds really good Leone! I bet it is lovely to have your story in print. I love the cats and wish you all the best with your 100 days!

  4. Oh!! I have been promising myself I'll do NaNo ever since I was pregnant with Savannah....she'll be 7 in January...:(...You know...the 'when the kids are a bit bigger I'll have more time..blah, blah, blabbity blah, stoopid excuses.

    I'd been waffling over whether THIS year would be it....and now that you're an (un)official contender as well.....bring it ON!! I'm gonna do it!!

    Congrats on your publishedness!! How exciting!! Also loving the Haiku idea. Did you know that it needn't be the 7,5,7 to officially qualify? I just learned that....something to do with syllables in the Japanese language are much different than ours -- *weighted* differently?....anyway..don't feel confined by the *rules*...