Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning sun rising
urban glass glimmering gold
glorious new day

I wrote my Haiku this morning and put it in my art journal. The picture below is the way it looked one morning a couple of winters ago. It really is quite an amazing sight - a city of gold.

My journal painting is gold, obiously, the sun is gold leaf. I want to make my entries simple so I can loosen up and not be so fussy about what I am doing.

I also type 1700 words but I was copying the first chapter of my book because it was originally typed in my very old computer. It is a good way to get started on this project.

It was a busy day and very enjoyable.


  1. Gold is a good colour for this time of year. Lovely page!

  2. What a great start to the 100 challenge - a beautiful journal page, lovely haiku and lots of writing!
    You are inspiring!

  3. Great to hear you have started a challenge, Haiku poems are such fun to write! I also like your journal page of a golden city, never used gold leaf looks pretty!
    I have also started journaling more and preparing pages with gesso and such, just to keep the flow going. I find that often I am not sure how to tackle that page and then other days I can just leap in, just wish I could let go of that fear of making that perfect page because really I feel that with journal pages at least, I can let loose here to make mess and experiment a bit.
    All the best with your challenge, Angie:)

  4. I love the golden sun ... I miss it sooo much! You inspire me again: I'm never into reading and writing poetry, cos I never learn to read / understand them. But with your Haiku and my lately "dare devil" energy, maybe I'll give it a try. Hmmm ... thinking! Thanks for sharing. :)