Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th 2009

I wasn't going to paint today but this one was sitting half finished so I went for it. I really like palette knife painting because of the texture. I have only done six other knife paintings so I'm not great at it yet but the more I do the better I'll get, hopfully. Today I learned that when I use left over paint to base coat canvases I need to write on the back the colours I used because when I have gone back to them I can't remember. I need to learn how to mix the colours to get the values better. I have improved a little but there's still room for much improvement.

I'm still enjoying the challenge and have ideas for a couple more so am looking forward to tackling them.

It's so hot here right now, I feel really tired, not used to the heat as it's usually very moderate here. It's a treat to have nice weather, though, so I'm not complaining. The last two Springs were very wet and cloudy, so this is great.


  1. Leone I love the bright yellow flowers! I especially love the texture. I've never tried with the knife - but then I really haven't done that much painting.

  2. Great colors - the knife painting adds a sense of dimensionality even in this snapshot of the painting - keep going!

  3. I would love to learn more painting techniques...especially ones that produce such lovely texture as this...

    love the sunny yellow...