Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16 2009

It has taken me a few days to paint this one. I went to the hospital with my neighbour at 4am on Saturday morning and have been visiting her every day since. I find when I have disruptions in my routine like this it takes me time to get grounded again, although I only missed painting on Saturday. This is a picture that I drew and did a rough watercolour of a few years ago and so enjoyed doing an actual painting of it. I consider all these pictures as practice and I am sure my skills will improve over time.

I am behind about four days on the 100 x 100 challenge and I am disappointed about this but am happy that I have completed as many pieces as I have. I usually get about two thirds of the way through a project and then give up because it's no good or I don't know how to finish it. So this is a great breakthough for me and oh, horror of horrors, I am not perfect! Gasp!!!


  1. I really, really love this piece! This is no practice... *grin*

  2. What a lovely piece.
    You are certainly building a great body of work.

  3. I'm with Rose...this is SO VERY lovely....of course, we have a soft spot for these sorts of things...;)

  4. What a stunning golden hair! And the way she's hanging onto or hugging the moon captured my imagination.

    I'm there with you in terms of taking time to get grounded again. I'm still recovering from my low level irritant and it has been more than 3 weeks now! But I think we just have to be patient with ourselves and practice a lot of self-forgiveness.

    Thanks for sharing, as always. :)