Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3 2009

Day three of my commitment and another painting done. I think I will do something different tomorrow, not sure what yet. I used stamps today and water soluble oil pastels. I learned that you shouldn't try to paint over oil pastels. The white on the dandelion seeds is holey handmade paper. I also discovered that modelling paste doesn't take paint so I will have to gesso over it next time. I haven't completed paintings so quickly before so I am happy with what I have done the past three days. I haven't fussed as much as I usually do. Thanks to all of you for you supportive words and for coming to see my creative endeavors.


  1. I think this is my favourite so far! And you were blocked... Such lovely work....

  2. It really is lovely....each one is more lovely than the last incredibly lovely offering....

    I am SO thrilled that you've got your groove back....:)

    Looking forward to tomorrow!!


  3. These are so pretty. So loose. And thanks for your comment about allowing yourself to make ugly art. Especially in regards to my painting today. Ugh. But it's okay.

    Maybe we need to be able to go through the ugly to learn new things.