Sunday, January 10, 2010

I went out today instead of finishing my walk-in closet. I was feeling a little of the January blahs! Vancouver can be so dreary in the winter, lots of cloudy days and many rainy days and also lots of sad news about neighbours. First I went to Chapters and bought my youngest daughter Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I bought it for myself when it first came out in 1995 and a couple of years later for my eldest daughter. My YD wasn't really into that sort of thing but she is turning 40 on the 27th of January - my ED turns 46 on the same day - and she said she would like a copy. Unfortunately, they no longer put the pink ribbon book mark in it so I will have to figure out a way to put one it. Don't you think the ribbon markers make a book more luxurious. There is something about it that makes it more special. Yes, both my daughters were born on the same day six years and forty minutes apart. They are as different as chalk and cheese in many ways and so alike in others. They had a few years of not getting along so well but are great friends now.

Next I went to a costume shop and bought a pink boa to put on a cushion. I think I will buy another rosebud cushion and put it around the edge instead of covering the whole cushion. It actually will probably be cheaper that way rather than making a cushion myself. Something really feminine. After that, I went for a California roll and then on to Starbucks. It was a nice break and so I may do some sorting this evening but maybe not, it is Sunday - a day of rest -
after all!


  1. The rosebud cushion with the pink boa is just lovely. And a cheer to the winter days! :)

    Thank you for your wonderful and generous comment to my latest drawing "The Rose Thief". It was done in ink using both pen and brush. Size is A4 (21cm x 29cm) which is a rather large jump from my usual tangle piece (9cm x 9cm).

  2. Sorry to miss out below:

    The paper I used is 210 gsm medium weight drawing paper. Smooth surface. It is suitable for sketching with watercolor, pencil, ink & crayon.