Sunday, January 17, 2010

I can't believe it's a week since I last posted, the time goes by so quickly. I only have one cupboard left to clear out and I have sorted through most of my fabrics and put them together by colour into drawers.

Today I finished another faerie pouch:

I have almost finished writing the February newsletter for the building I live in and I made one ATC:
Some time ago I painted several backgrounds and I decided to cut them into ATC sizes and make a picture from them and then I added some micro-beads. This is kind of a fun way to do a picture because the picture comes from the paint that was applied. The leaf in this was already there and so was most of the bird.

Tonight I am going to sew the boa onto my cushion. I went shopping for a cut embroidery tablecloth and runner but the store was closed, the lady in the store next to them said it had been closed for about a month. I hope they re-open soon. I bought some gathering tape for the top of the new curtains I have bought, I just have to adapt them to my window. Things are coming together slowly.


  1. Well done of both the pouch and the ATC. You're such a busy bee.:)

    Thanks for responding to my post re "computer problem". Due to my lack of computer knowledge, I'm still unable to sort it out. I'm relying of the PC in my office to comment on other blogs.

    I'm over the moon when you asked if I would consider to sell "The Rose Thief". Of course I would! (Can you sense a "but" is on the way?) However, The Rose Thief was aimed for or more like I'm still considering it for a project which won't happen til May / June. And because of that I won't be able to sell it for now.

    Why don't we do it this way? After the completion of the project, I'll contact you again to see if you're still interested and we'll take it from there. I don't want you to feel oblige to take it. The mere fact that you asked if it was for sale mean the world to me. Truly!

    I hope I didn't disappoint or offend you in any way with my proposal.

    Thanks again .... :)

  2. Im love your purse and ATC.
    Are you planning to take part in the One World One Heart? Your purses or really, any of your art would be wonerful giveaways! Click on the pix to the right of my posts if you are at all interested.
    Take care.
    Thanks for stopping by!