Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I made three ATC's today - all the same.
I went back to the store where they sell the cut embroidery tablecloths on Monday and they were open so I bought a tablecloth and runner. They had, in fact, been closed since Christmas.

Tonight I am going to sort the rest of my fabric.

That is the extent of my creativity for now. I will pick out some fabrics for more bags in the next day or two and then get on with that. I really have an over-abundance of beige and brown tones - I am obviously attracted to those colours!

I just tidied my desk-top a couple of days ago and it is a disaster again! Does anyone else have that problem. It seems to attract paper and all sorts of things like a magnet.

Time to make some dinner.


  1. Very pretty. yes I clean my desk all the time and it only takes a day or two and every paper or bill are crowded on it. Add to that school work since we homeschool, can never keep it clean.

    I think your creativity was perfect;)

    Ann Flowers

  2. I love your cameo ATC!
    I don't use my desk as a desk - I use the dining room table and right now it is piled with papers beside where I sit! I clear it off, it piles up again!
    Thanks for stopping by - it is always good to hear from you! Have a great day.
    I have another sick day today. Yesterday I got to the doctor and the cold has moved to my lungs.So am going back to bed for a bit!
    Take care.

  3. Gorgeous card Leone, it looks so delicate, very beautiful!
    As with tidying it seems something that is never ending at my house, most of the time its toys! ;)
    Glad you like my SoulDiva, she was fun to make, I really appreciate your comments, it means so much to me! Angie ox

  4. this is a gorgeous ATC, beautifully designed. I need to organise my fabrics too and yes my desk is a mess

  5. Lovely ATC!
    Blessings, peace, and love!

  6. Oh! Your ATC is stunning!! Love it :)