Friday, January 1, 2010


I started out writing about what I have been doing and decided to delete it all and just write about this being a New Year. I turned 70 two days ago and so it really is a new year for me. I put my Christmas decorations away today and tomorrow I will start going through my cupboards and getting rid of things I no longer use. Things I have been holding onto because they have sentimental value but I no longer have use for. I hope my daughters will take most of it. I feel like my life is cluttered up with what my life used to be. I have things that were my Mom's that I have held onto but there is no need to any more, she is, and always will be, in my heart. I live in such a small space that I really want to feel uncluttered. I don't need to carry STUFF around any more. I hold on to STUFF long after it has outlived its usefulness. A habit learned growing up during WWII.

I had a long conversation with my Granddaughter on my birthday and I thing we are well on the way to healing our relationship. I also had a phone call from a dear friend that I haven't spoken to for two or three years. It was a healing birthday!

Yesterday my youngest daughter took out for lunch for my birthday and we wandered up and down 4th Avenue buying little odds and ends. It was a fun day. I hope the rest of the year is as positive as the start.

I made a couple of ATC's, thought it would be a good way to get into the swing of things, after not creating for a while.

I hope to post more regularly now and reconnect with my creativity.


  1. Your up to such positive things, good for you!!!!! I totally understand getting rid of things that feel like we need to keep because they meant something at one time or another. We downsized into a smaller apartment and we had to look at everything and decide how much it was useful NOW. We just could not take everything. And boy was it so nice and is still so nice to have no clutter. Good for you! And even better for us if it gives you the freeness to spend more time on your creative side;) Will keep my eyes out for new posts on your blog:)

    keep up the good work!

    Ann Flowers

  2. Happy birthday - mine is this week coming!
    I joined Shannon's clutter free - check out her blog via my entry.
    Have beenaway a week - glad to be back.
    Thanks for all the great forwards - am slowing checking them out today!
    Take care.
    2010 is going to be a good on for us!!!