Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost finished clearing out a closet today and built a shelf in it. Getting rid of lots of stuff. I have got my Old Country Rose china out and given some to my DD, the rest I will use myself. I have had it for thirty years and it has hardly seen the light of day. It makes me nervous using a teapot that costs clost to $100 but what it the point of having it if it isn't used?
I made a couple of ATC's a couple of days ago:
The one on the write had a Haiku that says: seashells, oracles of the sea, whispering secrets of the deep.
I am itching to do more and wanting to do something creative but I feel the need to get this clearing out done. I feels important so that is my focus for now. By the time I get around to creating again, I will be good and ready. Maybe I'll fit some little things in here and there.


  1. Well done about the clearing. I've been wanting to do the same since the holiday break (i.e. before X'mas) but kept putting it off. Really gotta do it before back to work in a week's time.

    Love your ATC and what a coincident ... I was thinking to use "blue" for my next drawing! :)

  2. Love your ATCs!
    Thanks so much for your lovely wishes!
    I have yet to make a serious dent in my junk but I am determined to do that this year!
    Take care!

  3. So glad you like my soulful divas, they were fun to make. I also like you ATC's, little snippets of art to keep the creative juices going. I really like the shell card.
    All the best with clearing out your cupboards, it such a great feeling, one cupboard at a time!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! You always leave such a supportive, positive comment - you build me up! Thanks so much.
    Take care. Hope you had a great weekend.