Monday, August 10, 2009

Making the list has been a good thing. Even though I had a bad headache today (I haven't had one of those for years) I finished two small paintings that I had started a couple of months ago. It felt good to be painting again. I have crossed three finished projects off my list now. Yay! It has been raining most of the day today and I have really enjoyed it. I am a rain person and a moderate temp person, maybe because I am a Capricorn born in the winter and under the planet of Saturn.
I read the new chapter in The Artist's Way, Recovering a Sense of Possibility. It's almost midnight so I won't go into it today but suffice to say for the first time in many years I felt a small glimmer of possibility and dare to create a bit of a dream. I will explain more tomorrow.


  1. I am so pleased Leone! *hug*

    I am loving these two pictures, they are so rich and organic, exactly as they should be given they have leaves... Beautiful!

  2. These are so full of texture - loving them!
    I am a Capricorn too! Jan.7 And I don't like the heat much! (the similarities between keep adding up!!)
    Glad it is finally raining there. So much destruction in BC because of all the fires.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my Mom. This was the first art piece I have done about my Mom. I just needed to do it last night (midnight)
    Take care.

  3. Hi Leone
    I think you might like the ABC Challenge - there is no pressure . If you miss a week, you miss a week. I find I like the challenge - what can I find for the next letter. I don't visit everyone (there are lots that do it!) but try to visit ones who visit me and a few others - especially Canadaians.
    Next week is E.