Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have finally done some creating. I have been in a real slump for the past week or so. Haven't felt like blogging or doing anything much. This morning I kept going back to sleep and finally woke up and got up just before noon. I don't know what has been going on with me for sure but I am wondering if The Artist's Way has triggered some feelings. I haven't been doing my morning pages, I guess my artist's date was going to Little India to buy fabrics. I haven't done the reading or tv deprivation. Again, I'm not followng through with something I have started. This is something about me that I find very frustrating. Anyway, this bag is one I started 2 or 3 years ago when I attended a workshop. I wanted to finish it - no, I HAD, to finish it - before I could go on and finsh the crazy quilt bags I started.

We had another yard sale yesteray and raised another $337 for the Social Fund. We were going to have another one today but it was raining. So nice to see the rain and normal temps.
I am hoping to pull myself together and get some other projects finished in the next week. It drives me crazy having all these unfinished things around me. That list I was going to make a few days ago didn't get made so I am going to do that right now, maybe that will get me going.


  1. I love your bag Leone - especially the sunflower. Can't wait to see your crazy quilt bags. It's funny - I just signed up for an online crazy quilt course! Never done anything like that before - am not a great sewer but I am drawn to crazy quilts. So thought I had better do it. It's through
    Thanks for stopping by - love to hear from you.

  2. Wow, what a lovely bag! It's really beautiful!

    I shared your frustration about getting things finished. I have 30+ unfinished draft of stories which I keep thinking - one of these days ...

    Possible reason of not wanting to do anything:
    - Tiredness, both physical, mental and emotional

    The Artist Way is a powerful creative tool to restore / rejuvenate creativity, but on the same token, it also brought up all sorts of demons which require quite some extra strength to deal with.

    Just one step at a time ... :)

  3. Oh wow! It is lovely! I bet you are so chuffed!

  4. What a beautiful bag Leone!
    As you know I am just starting to learn to sew myself, mum has graciously given me her old sewing machine and when she visits gives me mini lessons, I am at the moment learning to sew a very simple bag, nothing as wonderful as yours, yours looks like it has thickness and sewed on texture and I love the edgings of the bag too.
    I will post the final bag once it is done, lets hope this weekend as mum is coming for two days...if the girls let us! ;)

  5. Love the bag!!!

    Be gentle with've just been through some ferociously hot weather (which is VERY draining), not to mention a huge bout of Shadow work with TAW.....time to rest and regroup.

    I think hanging on to the morning pages will help though...even if all you write is I'm-tired-and-I-don't-feel-like-writing-this-is-stupid over and over again.....true story, it works! ;)

  6. Rose, I am chuffed it is finally finished. I stopped because I didn't know how to do the sunflower and am happy that it turned out quite well.

    Good luck with your sewing Angie, how nice to have your Mom to teach you. The thickness of the bag comes from cotton quilt batting. I love using textures, beads, threads andything that adds interest.

    You're right Mel, I was tired from the heat and the Shadow work does sometimes bring up emotions even if you think is it doesn't, but after you are clearer.