Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I made my first Soul Collage tonight. It is called "Vulnerability and Strength". I was going to put a flower over the US on her forehead but decided that it looked better without - it was too much.

I have been carrying my camera again. I got out of the habit of it after my other one got stolen out of my bag. I carry it in a small bag around my neck now so it is handy and safe. The blossoms are popping out all over now, we had a lovely warm day today:
We have a lot of Blue Heron's around here and I was lucky enough to get a couple of good shots. I don't know if it was the same one in two different places or if it was actually two Heron's:

They are such beautiful birds. There is one that fishes off the pier just in front of my apartment. It is so amazing when they take off and fly.
I have been working in Finding Water every morning and doing my morning pages. I also had an artist's date today. I have this urge to do a mixed media picture in pink with cupcakes and suckers in it so I went to the cupcake store and took a couple of pictures and took pictures of suckers and cupcake stands to inspire me. I had a lot of fun and walked a lot. I also bought some scrapbook paper - pink of course and found some flowers at Michael's on sale. They are in jars and I have been looking at them since the store opened but wouldn't buy them because they were $16.95 - ridiculous price. Today they were only $6.99 so I had to have one of each colour of course. It's not safe to let me out of the house these days. I just had a run on buying beautiful journals!!! I have no idea what I will do with them but I HAD to have them!! LOL! I love my art supplies and stationary!!


  1. Your high spirit is so infectious that I'm thinking of following your footstep to create. Your soul page is lovely. The placement is interesting. Good on you! :D

  2. Don't we all love our supplies! Loving the soul collage, despite the soft pinks it is very striking and the two work so well together. Glad to see you taking pictures again. The heron(s) are beautiful. We have herons here but they look a little different. What are suckers though?