Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last night I did this sketch of The Matchmaker Bar from Lisdoonvarna, Co.Clare. Once a year there is a Matchmaker Festival, so if you want to find a partner visit Lisdoonvarna during festival time. I have never drawn and painted a building before and I actually had fun doing this. The reason - it was a sketch and I didn't have to worry about lines being perfectly straight. I decided not to use a ruler and that was really freeing. I am learning a lot in this class:
This morning I decided to take the plunge and sketch some faces I had found in a magazine about a week ago:

Then I did a couple from a prompt in Carla Sonheim's book, Drawing Lab.
This one is a one-liner, it had to be done without lifting your pencil from the paper:

This one is done in the style of Picasso and was drawn by turning the page 90 degrees every time I had finished each part:
These two exercises were also very freeing. I have been more of a realist and haven't switch in to this fun, abstract style of art.
Finding new pathways is really interesting, freeing and fun!!

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  1. Love your watercolour! The portraits are great as well! The last one certainly is fun!