Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm back, yet again. This is my calendar for March:
These are my watercolours for my Imaginary Trip To Ireland:


  1. Love your March calendar! Love the idea of using flowers for the days! I've done my background but haven't finished it. You have inspired me!
    Hope all is well with you. I am so looking forward to March Break!
    take care.

  2. Forgot to tell you your watercolours are gorgeous! Looks like you had a great (imaginary) trip!

  3. Your March calendar immediately caught my eye. What a lovely way to record memories and events from each day.


  4. The calendar is shaping up real nice! And I love the pictures of Ireland. The pattern of stones vary across Cornwall as well and there are areas with those small stone walled (except in Cornwall they are hedges) fields.

    The hedges here are two walls with earth between them so the hedge grows foliage on top and it comes between the stones as well....

    But I think Ireland and Cornwall have a similar feel. I went to Ireland on holiday when I was 18. We camped and hitched and it was beautiful..... From Cork, to near Kerry....

  5. Hi, your pages are amazing!! Thanks so much for the comment and for buying my book. I will send it first thing in the morning. We have had a big family weekend with visitors and a christening so it's been hectic for days. You should have it very soon though, Karen

  6. Your 'trip' paintings are SO beautiful! The colors are luscious and the pages are so interesting and composed so well. Really great.