Monday, March 21, 2011


I decided to to do a Full Moon Dreamboard for the first time. It took me three days but I finally finished it today. It was a lot of fun. My heading is My Happyness Quest and my topic for this month is PLAYFULNESS:

Getting in touch with my child self and playing is my goal for this month. I got the idea of The Happyness Quest from a book I saw called The Happiness Project. The word project sounded a bit left brain so I changed mine to Quest and put a y in Happyness - sounds more fun!!

When I was out wandering about on Saturday I bought two books. The Secret and Finding Water by Julia Cameron. I have her other two books in the trilogy - The Artist's Way and Walking In This World. The first chapter in the book is Optimism which is exactly what I need. Getting back to Morning Pages and Artist's Dates will be a good thing for me too. It has been a very gray, wet winter in Vancouver and I really feel like I need something to lift me up.

Someone gave me the connection to Soul Collage which looks like fun too. They are small collages on cards 5" X 8". There is a video on the site if you are interested.


  1. Ah Leone! Your collage is beautiful and so full of life and joy. I liked the Artist's Way and one day I intend to go back and finish it. I have to explore her other books to!

  2. just to say, I nominated you for a little prize - hope you don't mind and hope you win! (

  3. I love your dreamboard - love the play aspect! I need more of that!
    I keep meaning to continue with the Artist's way but get stuck on chapter 2. I really must continue. haven't seen the other 2 books.
    Take care!