Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My favourite time of the day is the morning when I can stay in bed until I feel like getting up. This morning I woke up at 4am. I couldn't get back to sleep so I took my medication which I have to take an hour before breakfast, took four books from my bulging bookshelf and sat in bed with a hot water bottle perusing my books. One of them was The New Creative Artist by Nita Leland. She inspired me. I have been wanting to keep a sketch book but there is something about drawing that paralyzes me. It's not that I can't draw it's just something that makes me anxious and I get stuck. Anyway, I decided that sketching in bed in the morning was a good time. So I gathered my supplies: watercolour pencils, Faber-Castell waterproof pen, gel pens and started. I hopped (well, not quite hopped??) out of bed a couple of times to make my breakfast, (I eat my breakfast in bed) gather paper, scissors and a glue stick and ended up doing a collage. This was fun and I had been creative before 8am - a great way to start the day!!! Okay, so it's not sketching but it is something creative!! Notice the page on the left is dated Nov. 21/o7. I have many sketchbooks I've started and then left after a few pages. Does anyone do this?
I love having so many books as a resource to get me inspired.
Happy creating everyone!!!

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  1. Books are amazing... i agree, I am often thankful for owning so many! Loving the creativity before getting up and breakfast in bed! yum!