Tuesday, November 9, 2010


During the early Fall, a friend and I went to Stanley Park and wandered around all afternoon. It was a beautiful day and we were fortunate enough to see some swans:

and about nine raccoons. Someone was feeding them and one by one they crept
out of the bushes. There was a mixture of babies and adults, obviously several

I have been painting off and on for the past four days but I haven't finished anything yet. I have also been doing a little embroidery on my purse. I am slow but I get there eventually.
I worked out hard this morning and it was raining and cold and windy - such dedication!!!
The cold finally inspired me to go to my storage locker and get my winter clothes out. It has been so warm here up until today that I haven't needed my sweaters. I guess Fall is well and truly here now.
I am off to have a hot bath and get ready for bed.

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  1. These are great shorts of the swan and raccoon. I never really noticed a swan's foot before - never got that close!
    We are getting closer to winter even tho it has been 10 the past couple of days. The time change has made things so dark so early!
    Take care.