Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Can you believe I'm sitting here at 7:30 am waiting for it to get light so I can go for my walk? This is the person who hasn't got out of bed before 10:00 am for months. Amazing how a little encouragement and support can help us change our lives! My whole eating, sleeping, creating schedule has changed in the past three weeks.
What a treat watching the sunrise while I walk. I was sorry I hadn't take my camera yesterday as the mist rolled in and out while my daughter and I walked, it was very mysterious and mystical.


  1. I think the early morning and very late night are magical times. The city has a grace at these times. I remember, years ago when I last lived in one, standing outside a pub with a drink, watching cars go round a roundabout and the glow of lights.....

  2. What gorgeous photos of the sunrise! I love the reflections of the buildings in the water!
    Sounds like you are doing well!