Friday, November 5, 2010


It was dreary and rainy most of the day.
A late bloomer:

Granville Island: Crystal Ark
And the Kid's Market:
I painted two more mushrooms today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is so nice to just get lost for hours in colour.

I had a delicious morning sleeping in and just dozing and reading and I feel much better for it. The exhaustion has passed and now I have two days off from exercising to look forward to. I went for my walk - I was ordered to have an easy day today because I worked hard all week - and enjoyed being out in the misty rain, it wasn't cold so it was a pleasant autumn day.


  1. Oh I do really love these paintings... They have that edge to them, that makes me feel as if there could be a fairy peeking out any second.

  2. My comment was going to be about fairies too, but I see Rose beat me to it! These would make lovely cards.

  3. There's beauty in your photos even when it is dreary out! I loved Granville Island when we visited 2 years ago. What a pretty place for a walk!
    Your artwork is so lovely!

  4. Another beautifully painted mushroom work! Simply magical. Well Done. ;)