Friday, November 12, 2010


This is my latest mushroom picture:

Still enjoying the watercolours. I came up with my own colours for this one and wonder if it is a bit boring and needed more colour. But it is all practice.

Went to visit my friend today and go for a walk with him. We had word today that he is being moved to a care home close by here, which was his first choice so I hope it turns out to be better than the one he is in. It will certainly be better for me because I will be able to walk there rather than have to take two or three buses.

I working my way up to a twenty minute challenge, I think it will be a very good exercise for me. I will have to get a timer.


  1. Love your new watercolour! Especially love the background!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    I have to finish report cards. It's a new programme and I am working slowly thistime!

  2. Sooooo not boring! It is just simply enchanting! I hope your friends move is a good one and well done on your 20 minutes!

  3. Nothing wrong with this one. It's just perfect as it is. :)