Tuesday, July 5, 2011


These are my faces for July 4th and 5th:
I was trying to capture art nouveau and I think I did quite well with the 4th and the 5th doesn't look anything like the picture I was copying which is good because I don't really like copying but I don't know how else to draw faces, I can't just pull them out of my head. It's interesting that even though you are drawing from photos or other pictures your faces have your own style in them even if you don't know what that style is. From these drawings I learned that very few lines are needed to create a face. I am really enjoying this and am learning a lot.


  1. I'm so loving your faces!I see wha5t you mean about the few lines needed - especially in the first. I've only attempted faces a few times. This looks like a fun practice.

  2. Loving the 5th one and you're so right about using few lines to draw a face. For face (including figure) drawing, I learn that the "subtlety" of each lines affect the entire composition. It requires keen observation, confidence in handling line drawing and sensitivity to composition to make a face / figure look wonderful.

    You're doing very well! Nice work!

  3. That first one really shows that you don't need many lines to create a face. For some reason, I can picture your drawings as stamps. Wouldn't that be neat!

    When I was younger, I used to copy Calvin & Hobbes cartoons because it was a way to draw without beating myself up for not being able to draw. I still have some of them.

  4. I think my favourite part is the hair on the first lady! It reminds me of those scribbles we used to do as kids, colouring each part of th shape. It has such lovely lines...