Thursday, July 7, 2011


These were quite interesting to do. I am amazed every day at how the faces just appear. The one for the 6th is done in the style of artist Modigiliani. So few lines. I was so impressed to look at his paintings on google and see with such simplicity how he captured the character of his models. I think I will do more of these. This drawing was from a face I cut out of a magazine:
The one for the 7th is scribble drawing an actual character emerged out of the scribbles. Completely made up:

Some of the ideas come from a book called Drawing Lab For Mixed-Media Artist by Carla Sonheim. This is a fun book.

I am really aware of how tense I am when I start, afraid I will mess up so this is an excellent way to gain some confidence in my drawing.

Thanks for all your kind comments and coming to visit me.

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  1. The Drawing Lab book always sounds really interesting. One day I might get around to buying it!