Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Such a beautiful rose for so late in the season.
Met with a friend for coffee today and had a nice long chat. She has had a few bad days so she was happy to get out and enjoy the sunny afternoon.

When I got home my daughter phoned to say she was coming over as she is helping my neighbour to format a book she has written and she came go visit with me for a while. I love it when my girls drop by.

Another neighbour asked me if I would carve a pumpkin that was given to the building so I had fun doing that. All in all a very pleasant day.

I had to take a day off my exercise program, I was so tired and sore I just couldn't face doing my workout today. I had permission from my trainer (my daughter) so it was guilt free. I worked out on Sunday when I was supposed to take the day off so I won't do that again. My daughter told me to take it off but I didn't - doing too much again. I have been told to focus on doing everything softly. I tend to do everything hard rather than gentle and soft and I am supposed to focus on sights, sounds, and smells between the one minute intervals when I get my heart rate up. I haven't started on the food yet - one thing at a time is enough. I am also supposed to focus on opening up my chest and I can notice a difference already. Don't like the pain much though!!!! She will be here at 7:30 in the morning for my next session - ouch!!

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  1. I'm absolutely loving your pumpkin! So full of "vicious" fun, hahaha! It's a shame that we don't celebrate Halloween here in Aussieland ... it will be so much fun. ;)