Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a simple watercolour

I am back, if anyone still visits me. I have been re-evaluating my art and trying to decide what direction to go in. I am so scattered, trying to do too many things. I am having difficulty with the smell of the acrylic paints and I am tired of all of the STUFF in my small apartment so I have decided that I am going to focus on watercolours, crazy quilt purses and purses in general. I hope this will help me to be more productive. I saw a psychic many years ago and she told me I should paint watercolours. I like them because there is no smell and the clean up is so easy. I also like the delicate nature of them. a work in progress

I have also hired my daughter (she is a personal trainer) to train me. I have been a physical and emotional funk for a long time and really need to get moving and improve my health, stop lying in bed until 11:00am - 12:pm. It is just a waste of my life. By the time I get going the day is half over.

I am also thinking of starting a new blog and leaving this one. I don't like the new format and I think it is time for a change. Starting fresh.

There are a couple of classes and a challenge I am contemplating for the New Year - yes Christmas is only two months away!!! Where did the year go?

I did a little on the art journal course I signed up for but, again, the smells from ironing the pictures on the fabric caused some problems. I seem to have become so sensitive to so many things but especially chemicals. So there sits another unfinished project, money spent and piles of stuff in a bag!!

I have also been helping my neighbour who went blind after cataract surgery and is now in a seniors facility - I refuse to call it a care home - and that has been an education and a very unpleasant experience. The way we treat seniors in this country is appalling!! We are hoping
he is going to be moved to a different home and, if so, I hope it is better than this one.

So that is what has been going on in my life over the past two months. I hope to be back on my blog now and think some more about starting a new one. I have been visiting you all every day so I am up to speed on what you have been doing all you wonderful creative people, you have been doing some wonderful work.


  1. Yay! Leone! I am back as well...

    Sorry to hear you have become sensitive to chemicals..... Your bags are lovely though...

  2. Love your watercolor work. It's delicate and reminds me a winter morning.

    I understand what you mean by taking on too much and need to re-focus. I think I'm in the same situation that I've been having trouble to concentrate.

    Starting fresh is a good way to re-energize. :)

    Really appreciate you take the time to leave comments in my blog.

    Good luck with all the new ventures and should you decide to start a new blog, pls make sure you let us know. I don't want to miss such a wonderful lady!

    Cheers and have a wonderful day!

  3. hiya!!

    lovely to see you again -- i'm vague and drifty, sort of on-again-off-again with my blogging but i'm still managing to catch up with my favourites for the most part...

    i certainly *get* the wanting to simplify....i'm thinking of doing the same myself -- too much *clutter* associated with some things...


  4. So great to see you back and doing lots of things! Love the work in progress and the watercolour!
    Sorry to hear about the sensitivity to chemicals . Makes it so difficult to do thinks you loved doing! Watercolours are beautiful tho.
    Take care.