Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. It was a sunny day today, we have had quite a few lately and it has kind of made up for the non-existent summer. I love the seeds in autumn, I snapped this thistle plant today:

I have been beavering away on my handbags and should have a couple finished soon to show.

On Thursday, I go for my third Life Coach appointment and am looking forward to it. I had to fill out a Wheel of Life, choosing the areas of my life that are the most important. I am certainly lacking in the relationship and fun/entertainment categories. I have lived in survival mode most of my life and don't really know how to have fun. I have never been on a real holiday or stayed in a really nice hotel. I wouldn't know how to balance out this area of my life. The only entertainment I have is going out with my DDs occasionally and my art.

It will be interesting to see what my Life Coach has to say.


  1. I hope you learn how to have fun and create a balance in your life. I'm excited to see how it goes for you. Savor the day!

  2. Going to the life coach sounds wonderful! I've done the wheel before - a real eye-opener!
    Your photos are lovely!
    Hope all is well - so glad the weather has been so nice.
    Take care.