Thursday, February 3, 2011


Robbie Burns says it so well. Our well laid plans so often get derailed for one reason or another. I started out the New Year posting everyday - that lasted for five days!! I realized then that when I set goals for the new year I often have to clear up leftovers from the past year. There are Christmas decorations to put away, that puts in motion come clearing out, some extra cleaning and then there are three birthdays in January, etc. etc. So in reality it is February 1st before I can really start focusing on the new year.

On January 31st, the class I signed up for "Imaginary Trip To Ireland" started. We got the supply list and I only had two of the paint colours that were recommended and because I want to learn the basics I wanted to get the paints and brushes recommended. One of the brands can't be bought in Vancouver so that meant going on-line and finding suppliers, hopefully in Canada to avoid borders and duty, etc. I found the other half of the supplies at Opus except for three colours which I couldn't buy in Canada so had to order from the U.S. So here we are at the 3rd of February and I am awaiting the orders so I can get started. For any of you looking for a Canadian on-line supplier of art supplies go to if your order is over $75 the shipping is free.

I almost finished my February calendar last night, just a few embellishments and it will be done. It was fun to fill in the January one and I will keep this up through the year. It is a fun, edited version of my day to day activities.

I made birthday cards for my daughters and forgot to photograph them so I have to ask them to e-mail me photos so I can post them.

I have continued with my walking and weight training and have lost 16 pounds and over 16 1/2 inches. Another four pounds and I will go shopping for some new clothes. They say 10 pounds is a size so my clothes are getting very roomy on me!!!

I am off to tear my large sheet of Arches watercolour paper into 5.5 X 7.5 pieces for my trip to Ireland.


  1. I wanted to get paints and brushes is recommended. One of the signs can not be purchased in Vancouver, so that meant going online and finding suppliers in Canada, hopefully avoiding the borders and customs, etc.

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  2. So glad to see aqll is well with you! You are doing so well with your healthy life style! Wish I could say the same. We have started aBigggest Loser at work but only lost a couple of pounds so far.
    I watch Dr. Oz and he has some great tips. It is just a matter of doing it!
    We had a snow day yesterday -so got a chance to do some art.
    Keep well!

  3. I love buying new art supplies! Glad the health and fitness program is going well.