Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have been busy today dyeing more paper with tea and tearing it into pages. I also almost finished a crazy quilt purse but I didn't have enough fringe for the bottom so will go buy that tomorrow and finish it. I tried to make a mini collage the day before yesteray and it ended up in the garbage, I was too tired and it just didn't come together.
I worked on the September newsletter for the building where I live and took some photos of my neighbours garden to go with a poem she wrote for the newsletter. It was about summer rain so I took photos of her flowers with rain on them. I also put some hydrageas in the lobby to brighten things up. All in all a very productive day.


  1. Such lovely flowers and glad that you're up and going again ... ;)

  2. beautiful flowers, very vivid colors too. They look so wonderful with rain drop on them. Great inspiration for CQing. Thanks for sharing.

    Ann Flowers

  3. Those are lovely photos of the flowers! Finally rain! It must be a relief in BC.
    Can't wait to see your artwork!
    Take care.

  4. We had a lovely day of rain yesterday too and I was out trying to take pictures of the flowers too. Unfortunately it didn't clear up until after supper so the light wasn't the best. I'll put a couple on my blog later.