Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here I am again. I have no excuse for not posting. Just haven't done it!!

It seems like everyone is making tags so I thought I would make some. The colours are a bit distorted because I photograped them in the late afternoon and the light changes to this peachy colour, maybe I will retake the photos tomorrow.

I had fun doing these and find that I just naturally gravitate to collaging.
I am also working on another purse.
Yesterday I was sitting at my desk all afternoon engrossed in making the tags and if I had bothered to look up and out my sliding glass door, I would have noticed all the activity going on in the Creek. The coast guard was out following a gray whale keeping it safe. The whale swam to the end of the Creek near Science World and then swam back out to English Bay. I am so upset that I missed it. It is very rare for a whale to come up this far. About five years a go there was a dolphin in this area. On the news preview they just said there are some dolphins around here, I'll have to watch at eleven to find out where they are.
Must go now to watch The Mentalist.


  1. Look at those tags, they are just beautiful. Fantastic! I'm loving your collage work! :D

  2. They're beautiful! I like the peachy-colored light.

  3. Your tags turned out beautifully!
    We saw the news about the whale. what a wonder that must have been!
    Thanks so much for stopping by nso often and leaving such lovely supportive notes. I appreciate it!
    I am making flower people ATCs for a swap - would you like me to make the cards for you one of these?
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Take care.
    And - Happy Mother's Day!