Monday, April 19, 2010

I am finally finished the two purses I have been working on. It always feels so good to finish a project. The black and pink one was an attempt to be a bit looser with my work and be shabby chic.

The coral and green one is more structured and took a lot longer to do. I have learned a lot from these two purses and am looking forward to starting the next one - maybe two at once again. That works well for me because sometimes I don't know what to do next and while I'm contemplating it I can work on the other one.

A friend wanted to buy my mermaid one but I'm not sure I want to sell it yet. I wonder why I am so possesive of my creations!!!


  1. Love the detailed work of your bags. They are so lovely! ;) And thank you as usual to all your supporting comments of my blog.

  2. Your bags are both gorgeous! I am partial to the second because I love crazy quilting!
    Can't wait to see the next ones!

  3. woh........
    Its amazing blog.........
    There has nice bags and the work are very qualitative & lovely creation. I really want to this type of bags.

  4. These are lovely! I don't blame you for wanting to admire the finished work, at least for a while.

  5. Thanks Leone, its good to be back!
    Wow you have been busy, love love love your bags, they are so beautiful. Its hard to let go of something you have made with heart and soul.
    Like somebody else has said, keep it for a little while longer, till it grows up then it can leave home! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by ! I discovered this meme tjrough Danelions bog _ she has some great posts (have to check her out through my side bar)
    thanks for your wishes - it has been a painful weekend. I put in an incident report but doubt anything will come of it.
    Hope you get your cards soon!