Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I saw this little dog last night when I was out for a walk. He is the epitomy of JOY. He ran around a fast as his little legs would carry him and then lay down on his back and squirmed about then jumped up and off he went again. He ran up to other dogs and sniffed and off he went again. He was just adorable, had dreadlocks and made me laugh. What joy our little furry friends bring.

If you can enlarge this you can see the grin of pleasure on his little face. He is a Maltese terrier. I didn't think to ask what his name was.

I got started on a couple of ATC's last night for a 'flower' exchange I'm doing with a blog friend.

I will be starting the newsletter for the building I live in for June at the end of the week. I always enjoy putting that together. I take photos for it as well so it is a project that incorporates a few skills.

I went to visit a neighbour in the hospital today. He had cataract surgery a month ago and has gone completely blind. He had cataract surgery on the other eye five years ago and lost his sight in that eye after the surgery. I feel so bad for him, having to adjust to blindness at the age of eighty. He is a very independent active man but also determined so he will, hopefully, do okay adjusting.

Getting close to finishing my latest purse so will post it when I am done.


  1. Ah!!!! So sweet!!!! We rescued a maltese in December. He is 31/2, poor little guy was purchased by a couple in there 80's. He lived in an apartment building, in his cage, didn't even see out a window and was litter trained only. He looked so sad and hated people. You should see this sweet little guy today, he loves the world and everyone in it. He is a real sweetie. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Hi Leone! Thanks for dropping by!
    I don't know how I missed this sweet pup!
    Hope you have been having a lovely long weekend. I've been trying to sort through stuff so that I can finally have a room to craft in upstairs!
    Take care.