Saturday, March 20, 2010

I finally finished my mermaid pouch. I had it all sewn together and then decided I didn't like the colours of the lining and the back so I tore it all apart again. It has to have "that feeling".
I have started another one and hope to finish it a little more quickly than this one.

I spent some time the other day looking at some fabrics in Chintz & Co. There was a lady in there from out of town buying some fabric to make purses. I had just been thinking a couple of days before that it would be fun to make some real purses like the book purses I made a couple of years ago. It might be fun to re-create those designs.

On Friday, I took a few pictures: a camelia on my neighbours patio:

The beautiful fresh green of the weeping willows and daffodils by the pond:


  1. What a beautiful mermaid pouch! I'm thinking what kind of things would a little mermaid carry around her purse. A shell comb, a pearl necklace, a conch to talk to her friends ....

    Once again, you wowed us with your lovely work! :)

  2. I'm catching up a bit! Love your mermaid pouch! What lovely colours! The photos are beautiful. Hopefully we will have spring soon.
    Take care.

  3. Your mermaid pouch is gorgeous. My daughter & I would fight over owning such a thing of beauty. What wonderful talent you have.