Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another favourite movie of mine is Dangerous Beauty starring Rufus Sewell and Catherine McCormack. It is based on the true story of Veronica Franco a 16th century Venetian courtesan. Sewell and McCormack fall in love but can't marry because she is from a lower class than he is and he has to marry for money. Her choices were few. McCormack's mother was a courtesan and she trains her to become a courtesan to the rich a famous. The ending is amazing.
One of my DD's is coming over on Sunday to show me how to set up and use my Ipod so I didn't take it back. She is also going to organize my laptop and clean it up. I so appreciate it when my DD's can help with new technology and such.

One of my favourite poets is William Butler Yeats. This is one of his beautiful poems:

Those Images
Seek those images
that constitute the wild,
the lion and the virgin,
The harlot and the child.

Find in middle air
an eagle on the wing,
recognize the fire
That make the Muses sing.
These are some the things that bring me joy!


  1. I know what you mean aboout amazing children! Mine or my husband's are the ones we turn to for any techno help!
    I haven't seen that movie either! And I don't have an Ipod either!
    Happy Easter! We have great weather here - shorts weather!
    Take care!